Personal Security for VIP's
Not everyone in the public eye has or can afford a bodyguard to fend away confrontations. Even if they did, there are times when even the most professional of bodyguards cannot help you. How confident are you that you can defend yourself?

Picture the scene, Footballer X has just scored the winning goal when there is a pitch invasion. As the invaders run towards the players, Footballer X is caught on film kicking and punching a fan from the opposing team. Self defence or assault?

What about Celebrity Y out on the town with a few friends and suddenly mobbed by a group of autograph hunters and paparazzi. During the pushing and shoving, Celebrity Y lashes out at someone grabbing their coat. Self defence or assault?

In both cases the VIP and Celebrity are front page news the following day. Public image is extremely important. If you are in the public eye, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know what self defence is in the eyes of the Law?
Do you know at what stage of a confrontation you can 'legally' defend yourself and at what stage, if you did hit back, you could be charged with assault?
If you have ever been involved in a confrontation where Police have been called, you may have heard the term 'reasonable use of force' - what does this mean?
Do you know how to stop an attacker - any attacker, regardless of YOUR size - in their tracks with only one blow?
Would this be classed as minimum use of force?
How far are you legally allowed to go to protect yourself (and your family) from danger?

If you are an employer, whether or not you are based in the world of entertainment or sport or business, if you and/or the people who work for you are in the public eye, you need to be aware of the Law. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know that you have legal obligation to train and report any "acts of non-consensual physical violence done to a person at work" under RIDDOR 1995 Regulations and the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999?
Do you know that failure to provide this training for the people who work for you can now result in "management prosecution under gross negligence" should any of these people suffer a serious injury or fatality while working for you?
Do you know that, as an employer / manager, you can be prosecuted under new legislation for failing in your duty of care towards your people under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 if you do not provide adequate training against violent attacks?

How can Security And Safety assist you?
By offering you structured training programmes for you and the people who work for you.

This training will be specifically designed to deal with violence against your people and enable them to protect themselves against an attack whilst staying within the Law.

This training has also been shown to reduce the risk of accident, injury and in extreme cases, death, whilst improving an individuals coping ability through increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

The training programme also has the ability to have the training identified as part of the risk assessment process acceptable under Health & Safety at Work guidelines, thus ensuring that you, as an employer, are immediately complying with the responsibilities placed upon you by current and proposed law in reducing the risk of assaults against your staff.

As an employer, your legal position will be improved as you will be complying with current Law and your financial position will also improve through reductions in:

Fines for breaches of legislation - by the H&S Executive, Crown Prosecution and also your many governing bodies e.g. Union of European Football Association (UEFA), Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), International Cricket Council (ICC), etc.
Medical expenses / insurance premiums.
Legal costs involved in defending possible court action.
Negative publicity.
Employee absence - overtime costs, cancellation fees, etc.
The costs of recruiting and training a replacement.


The individuals who work for you will have improved confidence and self esteem.
You will be complying with current Law.
If required, Risk Assessments can be implemented.
Positive publicity can be generated through the advertising of this training.

Close Protection Training
But what if you want to train your existing minders to the standard of a professional Close Protection Officer or maybe you want to train to that standard yourself?

Security And Safety can train individuals or groups on all aspects of Close Protection. Our intensive course includes training in a variety of subjects including:

Personal Security & Awareness - everything from Home Security to Personal Safety techniques.
The Close Protection Team - the roles of the BG, PES, RST, SAP, etc.
Protocol - the Principal (VIP) wants you to blend in anywhere so we teach you everything from which fork to use at a formal dinner to how you should address the Duke of York.
Threat Assessment - how to look after your Principal's physical well being, peace of mind and privacy.
Principal Profiling - the more you know about your Principal's life, the better the protection you can offer.
Walking Drills - High profile protection or low profile protection? 1 man team or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5? Learn where to position yourself and how to protect your Principal from this position.

If you would like more information on any of the above or would like to book a course specifically designed for you and your employees, please
E-mail Security and Safety

Vehicle Searching - how long would it take you to search a vehicle. We show you how to do it effectively and efficiently.
Bomb Awareness & Recognition - how do bombs work? What do you do if you receive a suspect package? We teach you all you need to know from assassination attempts to booby traps.
Route reconnaissance - the do's and don'ts of checking a route. Defensive, Evasive and Offensive Driving Manoeuvres - from handbrake turns to ramming - you won't believe what a car can do.
Radio Communications - proper use of a two way radio including phonetic alphabet.
Embus / Debus Procedures - how to get in and out of cars whilst maintaining all round protection for your Principal.
Venue Security - when is a venue secure? Do you know what to look for and which room in a hotel offers the best protection for your client?
Surveillance / Counter Surveillance techniques - prior to an attack, your Principal's movements will be watched. Do you know how to spot a surveillance team?
Electronic Counter Surveillance - everything from bugs to taps. What to look for and how to prevent it happening to your client.

Electronic Counter Surveillance - everything from bugs to taps. What to look for and how to prevent it happening to your client.
Terrorist and Organised Crime Threats - going off on holiday or working in a particular field of business? We tell you which terrorist groups and organised crime threats to watch out for - even in the UK.
Close Quarter Combat (Unarmed) - self defence techniques which could save your life and the Principal's life. Defence against punches, knives, baseball bats, firearms, etc. etc.
Close Quarter Combat (Armed) - how to use a firearm proficiently.
Weapon Selection & Concealment - revolver or semi-automatic? What calibre? What type of holster? We cover every aspect.
Emergency First Aid - do you know how to treat a gunshot wound? how about a knife wound? What about a heart attack or epileptic fit? Stage blood and special effects make up ensure that every scenario is as realistic as possible. This is all practical stuff - no theory lessons here.
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting techniques - what to look for to prevent fire occurring and how to cope if it does. What type of extinguisher to use and when.


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